KORG TR61 is the shizz IMO

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KORG TR61 is the shizz IMO

Postby Earthworm on Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:33 pm

Just a heads up to my electribe forum peeps, these are upgraded triton le's that are being sold on ebay and elsewhere for as little as $500. A full featured music workstation, these things kinda went under the radar it seems. I bought one two days ago from a guy on craigslist, like new, in original box with all manuals for $600. If it has the EXB-SMPL upgrade it might cost you 7, or 800. Check out the demo videos that are around from korg, you'll trip :shock:
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Re: KORG TR61 is the shizz IMO

Postby thehighesttree on Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:31 am

Last weekend I bought a TR-76 - with EXB-SMPL, a solid 2-tier stand, 3 pedal switches, a mic and a dust cover - all for $470. It may be a scaled-down Triton, but it's still a beast... 1x insert + 2x master effects isn't a big problem since I've got outboard effects and having serious polyphony is a plus. This thing kicks my ass up and down, even though I've only had a chance to try out the sounds and do some fiddling around with global settings and familiarizing myself with the new concepts of a workstation.

It makes me feel like I should be seriously building on my actual, you know, playing skills beyond the simple melodies and pads of my previous synths. Despite having taken lessons way back in Elementary school (I'm in my mid-20's) it's actually kind of daunting, to be honest. It'll be fun to load some heavy machinery samples into RAM and mess around with giant mechano-orchestral soundscapes. I think (hope) this will be the last piece of gear I can justify buying for the next while.
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