Text for songs "Tonight" & "Who are you"

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Text for songs "Tonight" & "Who are you"

Postby SODA on Mon Feb 22, 2010 7:20 pm

Hi !!! :hug:
I'm glad to see you again! rockin
Frankly speaking,
I'm very happy to have a chance
to write here my songs to correct it!
I appreciate it, and thank everybody
who understand and support me !!! :thumbs:


Your style, like Nile,
No one know this,
Now you, swallow too,
By bird! By! All the best!

If you really wanna go away,
I will never tell you: “Baby stay”,
If you wanna be alone tonight,
I'll know this
But if you wanna stay with me tonight,
I will tell you: “Baby, it's all right”,
I will keep you close to me all night,
I love you

Your kiss, on my lips,
Your eyes like cherry,
When you say, it takes my breathe away,
Please, marry me! Oh! Marry!

"Who are you"

Brother, tell me, where are you going to?
Brother, tell me, what you are gonna do?

I just don't know who are you!
I just don't know who are you!
And I don't know who I am,
And I don't know who we are!

Sister, tell me, what are you dreaming of?
Sister, tell me, what is the skies above?

Thanx a lot, Brothers & Sisters !!! :)
I love compact things !!!... 8-)
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