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PostPosted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:26 pm
by Karl Schorff
i recently moved to spain and had to leave my speakers in germany.

now my headphones are starting to make problems for example the balance is slightly off. (guess they fell down too many times)

i searched the last days for new ones. I found the fostex t7. i took them home and am testing them now for some days. i have to say that they sound good/great to me. the frequency chart looks solid too, it has a small peak at 5 Hz.

guess i will keep them, but i am not entirely sure, because i didn't find a review or anything else in the internet. Now my question is if any of you ever heard anything about the quality of fostex headphones or if you could give me a tip which ones to get me

Re: Headphones?!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:21 pm
by StellarJay[aka Ruso]
Ruso wrote:If you're gonna drop that much into headphones... and your ears aren't super sensitive.... I would go with a pair of studio monitoring IN EAR buds (that have the silicone soft things that completely seal up your ear...... they will reproduce all the frequencies and particularly shine at reproducing bass lines....

I actually am surprised at how accurate these headphones I bought from amazon for like 25 bucks are.... it took me a couple months to adjust to them I actually trained my ears to make near perfect mixes.... one of last few tracks I made completely on them.... the next day I decided to turn up one part a little... other than that it was dead on...

Here's a linky: ... 126&sr=8-1

(note that they come in many colors.... the basic black ones with the silver accents look great! a lot better then in the pictures...

Anyway hope that helps.... I would compare these to being about as accurate as a pair of low-mid range 6 inch monitor (something like alesis monitor 1's) with a bit of a bass boost... so what you're gonna have to do is get used to turning up the bass a little more then your ears will enjoy (should probably do this right before going back to monitors or your ears will get tired pretty fast if you use a lot of bass).....


Re: Headphones?!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:42 pm
by Karl Schorff
thanks for the advice...but i think i will stick with mine. i think i couldn't work with that small Headphones/earplugs, not because of aesthetics, but the comfort. my ears start to hurt after a while. I know there are some earplugs with exchangable rubberthings so they are supposed to fit better but i never found the right type.

another reason is that i don't really trust them, i never had the feeling they were sounding that clear.