Text for songs "Easy Life", "Lay on the floor"

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Text for songs "Easy Life", "Lay on the floor"

Postby SODA on Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:55 pm

Hi Guys! :hug:
It`s me again! rockin
Please correct me if I`m wrong: :thumbs:

This song a little bit unusual, in some spiritual-smoky style... ;)
Take it easy... :D

Easy Life

How can we feel it?
How can we know?
No one can bill it
No one can throw

People all around
Empty in the sound
Some of them hold the valley
Sand on the floor
Base and the bore
Higher and high some more
How can deny?
That we don't want?

Easy Life I've been dreaming
Easy Life I've been living
Easy Life

My stomach empty
Ill lost my soul
I’m not kind and I’m not freaky
But no one can tell
Taping flow

I’m in faze of pay
Gotta run away
Flows and the pose
Gotta have some day
How! Hey! Do the man
Do the sun of pal
Hand, throw,
Windy in the flow
I learning way
Supply the low
Bungle, bungle, bungle!


Lay on the floor

My beat goes on
Nothing can stop me right now
Flowers are blown
No one can now let me down

Lay on the floor
Stay on your own

I feel inside
I have my soul and my mind
My favorite part
Feel and enjoy where you are

Thanx for everybody who help me writing songs on English !!!
I love compact things !!!... 8-)
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