How many uk TriBers ???

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How many uk TriBers ???

Postby Technobadger on Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:17 am

As the title
The electribes where once the weapon of choice
But how many oldskool heads are on this site from the uk

I was having this chat with mates who reckoned very few

We attend rtts every year and if we could find enough a play off would be very cool
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Re: How many uk TriBers ???

Postby kvetch on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:51 am

Cant imagine theres that many, Im from a Triber from Glasgow, and I know one other guy who's really good here who does all his stuff on EMX and nothing else. He goes under the name 'I Am Blip', really good live musician and has played some pretty well respected Glasgow nights. Ill be posting Vids of my own Electribe material on here soon and we can get a thread of UK electribe stuff :)

Heres a Review of the night we had in the basement of the Brunswick hotel a while back-

"Wrapping up the night is I Am Blip who goes on until 2am (and I’m sure way past that at the various after parties if those tourists were involved). Focusing the start of his set around a wood block sample (old skool?– No – Primary School!), he sets the mood for a percussive assault, with his entire military neatly contained within the metal box of his KORG Electribe; a legendary synth that has been going and going for a decade now. Using phase effects he adds a strange melodic sense to the percussion and snappy snares. Moody organs and zany FX operate in the background like spies in a warzone, but it’s the sheer force of the drumming artillery that has the crowd pounded into the dancefloor until the UN come in and chuck us all out.
We’re left wondering what basement these electro-warriors plan to invade next?"

Watch this space :D
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