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Re: hmm lets be honest.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:02 am
by sshyperion
Ruso wrote:
Anyways... all I gotta say is that I really appreciate this community and everyone who has become a part of it. It's truly the only positive thing I have right now and it truly does give me hope.

Don't worry about reading all of that or responding... I"m just throwing these thoughts out there for anyone who is bored enough to read em.....

Thanks! :hug:

You get my kudos, respect and a hug good sir. I know it's about 9/10 months since the original posting but hopefully things have got better for you. Everyone else more or less has said a common element - keep on going, do your best and you'll work it out if you want to do so. Thank you in particular for opening this forum and working on the others (IDM, korgforums, etc.) as your info and those who follow/support on here have inspired me to keep looking at the options and see what will work best for my setup. Similar to Laura, I'm new to the field overall (though a bit younger and with man parts rather than woman parts) and appreciate the support and feedback.

Keep on hauling musical ass!

Re: hmm lets be honest.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:42 am
by StellarJay[aka Ruso]
Damn you dug up an old one :) Thanks for commenting. Yes things are going wonderful. I gotta say about an earlier response though, my best music definitely does NOT come from times of sadness.

Re: hmm lets be honest.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:03 pm
by blakrain
Hi Laure and welcome. Take it from a guy that will begin his MID FORTIES next month, age is only what you make of it. I'm occupationally challenged right now and music, along with my wife, has been a HUGE support.