Ableton questions

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Ableton questions

Postby Longbottom on Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:36 pm

Hey Ruso,

I know it's been a bit since I've posted, but I've been busy figuring out this whole Ableton thing. I upgraded recently to Live 8, and have been collecting some nice soft synths- Massive, Sylenth1, Oddity, and few TAL and Arturia things, and sample packs- the Xfers Deadmau5 pack, the Maschine samples, vengeance, etc. I also bought the Ableton sampler, though not the full Suite. So I've definitely got enough stuff now to make some good music. So on to my questions...

First, I just got a Korg Nanokontrol, which I saw you're using in your Livesets. I want to use it to mute/unmute drum parts in either the drum racks, Impulse or Sampler using the 1/2 buttons. My problem first problem was that I'd have to hold the button down to keep it muted. So I went to the editor and switched it from momentary to toggle. Now it will only unmute a track, not switch between mute/unmute. I know this is probably a simple fix, but any idea what I'm doing wrong?

My second question has to do with playing multiple songs in a Live set. I was watching your video with your new light show (which is pretty cool, btw) and at a few points, I noticed that you would bring up a new tune to the right of your current tune, at the last scene or so, then do away with the old tune once you had transitioned. Any chance you can explain how/what you're doing there?

Other than that, I'm having a blast with Ableton. It's getting to be a lot easier to use now that I understand the interface (for the most part). There is still a ton of stuff to learn though.

Thanks a bunch!
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Re: Ableton questions

Postby StellarJay[aka Ruso] on Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:30 am

hehehe as far as the mutes go, different buttons in Ableton behave differently. What I would do is switch the controller to toggle and add mutes by adding utility plugins with the mute button pressed inside the individual cells of the drum rack and you midi map the mute button to the little circle in the Utility's title bar taht turns it on / off.

As far as my set goes.... ;) Well I am doing exactly what you are seeing. I am dragging tracks (which are specially formatted group tracks which are mastered and stuff) and I drag them into the arrangement.

This part is easy and you can do it too but unfortunately you're not gonna be able to do much playing. It took a lot of custom programming to make it so the newly loaded track is actually midi mapped to the controllers....

You see the way my program works is it looks through all the tracks in the session view, if one is a group track, it assumes it to be a track and maps all the sub-tracks to my midi controllers... I can have full control of two tracks at a time and switch to the ones further down.

Unfortunately this code is not available for the public domain... it also took many years to develop the concepts in my head to be able to do that. Stick to traditional live set for now because even if I were to release this into the public domain it's still too complicated for most people to wrap their heads around. :thumbs:
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