RELEASE: Rus-FX (Live Performance FX) Version 2.0 (Ableton)

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RELEASE: Rus-FX (Live Performance FX) Version 2.0 (Ableton)

Postby StellarJay[aka Ruso] on Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:06 am


It has come to my attention that I made a HUGE mistake in the previous version. By using a limiter on the effects rack I actually allowed the original signal to bleed through which ruined the racks. I didn't even notice at first...

Anyways, so in case you don't know, this is a very complex effects rack that is designed to be used in live performance. It is specifically designed to be controlled by xy pad based controllers (kaoss pads are particularly interesting), and even some joystick controls. What you should have for this rack is something to control the x axis, the y axis, the touch message and something to control which effect is selected (at least a rotary encoder, but a set of buttons set to send a midi message with a specific value is best)...

If you do not have an xy pad control you can get away with setting up two knobs to control the axis, and a button to trigger the fx. It still works fairly well.

This release has the same, but more tame effects. I am working on yet another version to include other controls and new effects but have found this one very satisfactory for our purposes. Also note most of these effects are tempo synced so it's fairly easy to get used to and use.

Also note, these effects are designed to be used on a return track so you can send any track to them and it works like a magic send so you can gradually send the track to the fx to control how much effect is present.

FX List:
    HPF Bounce
    LPF Bounce
    BPF Spin
    Pseudo Flange
    Flange Spin
    Pseudo Stutter
    Stutter 2
    Vocco 2
    Cry Baby
    Flangiro 2

The best thing to use to select the effects is to have a 16 pad controller send cc messages from individual pad with a preset value. This way you have easy access to them.... also you can use midi ox to translate the Program Change message that comes form the kaoss pad into a Control Change.... this way you can use the standart effect selector including the 8 shortcut buttons on the kaoss pads.

Another thing is: Some xy pad controllers (like korg padKONTROL) ONLY send the x and the y messages, but no touch message. This is ok, you can either map the touch message as one of the buttons, or the y axis (but you can only use the top half of the pad)..... OR you could midi map it to the x axis and then manually set the active range so it turns on sooner when in midi map mode.

Setting up Kaoss Pad 2:
Note: I do not have other kaoss pads so you're on your own.
When you have a kaoss pad, usually it sends a lot of unneeded midi messages. There is an easy way to filter them to make future midi mapping easy.

Follow these steps:
1. Press and hold rec/stop + tap/bpm until the display blinks and all the buttons light up.
2. Make sure that only buttons 4-9 are lit and press buttons 1-3 to disable them. This disables the three extra screen messages that are not useful for using kaoss pads as a controller.
3. Press and Hold Rec/Stop for a couple of seconds until it blinks. (this saves the settings, don't worry what we did does NOT affect how the kaoss pad works... only the midi it sends out)
4. Touch the zy pad to return to normal operation. Now you can easily midi map those messages.


Older Demo:

Enjoy, feel free to tweak it. This is a fun project I have two of these in my live set :-D

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