Audio/Midi interface recommendation for esx1+emx1

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Audio/Midi interface recommendation for esx1+emx1

Postby doog45 on Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:17 pm

I recently bought an ESX1 and Plan to but the EMX1. As well as using these for production at home i would eventually like to use both in an ableton live set. Can anyone recommend a good Audio/midi interface.
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Re: Audio/Midi interface recommendation for esx1+emx1

Postby StellarJay[aka Ruso] on Wed Mar 10, 2010 6:22 pm

I always recommend my audio interface.... it has wonderful I/O and the only problem with it so far right now is that I somehow managed to blow the preamps for the mic..... :(

It's an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra...... great value, great configuration, looks sweet, solid as a rock, no driver problems (if you read carefully), reasonable latency, good price, 8in 8out audio with 1/4 on the back (instrument/mic on the front)...... ... 1383564.gc

Here's my full review I posted @ guitar center:
I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I've gone through many different operating systems and computers, and drivers and have not had ANY issues with this product. It works flawlessly on XP/XP SP1/2 and Vista. It has a couple very minor issues on Vista X64 but nothing that would break the work flow noticeably. I'll begin by saying that it has probably the best layout I have ever seen on a sound card. It is also the most powerful at the time for USB sound cards all together. It has 6 1/4 inch inputs on the back very well laid out, and 6 matching 1/4 inch outputs on the back aswell... this setup keeps wires nice and neat (unlike others where you gotta plug stuff in all over the place in all directions..... on the front you could either hook up four mics or two mics and two instruments.... what nice is that the first two inputs can either be xlr or 1/4 inch..... All four inputs have knobs right there on the front to control the preamps for each channel individually. Also on the front.... TWO, not one, TWO headphone outputs with individual volume controlls and LED's to indicate clipping and signal (that can be assigned to play different channels alltogether). And of course there is a volume control, right there on the front. What I should note is that there are four buttons to switch from the front inputs to the back ones. Some other nice features include an input and output for an insert effect (so you can hook up for example a compressor)... the only flaw with it (actually what' nice is that I called m-audio and they took a unit from their warehouse, set it up, and tinkered with it trying to figure it out).... but anyways the only flaw is that it cannot be inserted to any channels but channels 1/2..... Of course the thing has phantom power but if you choose to run with it off you can still use normal mics... What's also so nifty is that if you want to go somewhere with a lap top for example you can ditch the power supply alltogether and still have channels 1/2 for input and output powered by the USB bus. The latency on this card is great... I can't say it's as perfect as I want it to be (especially with Vista x64) but I can safely run a 128 sample buffer running under 10ms completely safely and if no input is needed and those are disabled a 4 ms delay is pretty safe and works great.... Another great thing is the software mixer, you can route just about anything into anything else, it simply makes this card have no limits as far as routing (except for that insert effect thing but I don't really use it anyways since I use the daw for that) The only serious issue is that after switching to Vista x64 I have not been able to get the "High Performance Mode" to work which affects the buffer a little bit. Other then that, solid 5/5... I've recommended this product to many people, all have bought it, all had no problems. The biggest issue with this card is people, people that can't install the damn driver. It's a little bit more of a pain in the butt then simply installing a CD but if you follow directions it will work. Would buy again but I'm more then happy with the one I got :)

Reviewed by AudioRuso on 4/30/2009 who plays Drum n Bass, Dubstep, other electronica.
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Re: Audio/Midi interface recommendation for esx1+emx1

Postby Toybeat on Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:11 am

If money is not a problem I'd recommend a RME soundcard ;) they're pretty stable,solid as a rock,sound great,lots of Ins/Outs,high class AD/DA converters,very low latency,tight midi.
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