Logic 8 & the ESX

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Logic 8 & the ESX

Postby oh_commuter on Fri May 29, 2009 6:01 am

Hello everyone,

Just today I purchased a Korg ESX to experiment with at gigs. I have songs I put together in Logic 8 and am just curious to know what my options are as far as syncing Logic and the ESX together. Should I just stick to makings .wavs of my tracks out of Logic and using them as samples with the ESX? is there any easy way to sync these two via midi and have access to to my individual tracks in Logic through the ESX? giving me total control with effects and such? Basically, what would you do if you had an ESX and completed multi track songs put together in Logic? Any advice or help would be much appreciated, I just want to get the full benefit of having these two devices together.

Thanks so much!

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