How do you get to do your gigs?

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Re: How do you get to do your gigs?

Postby StellarJay[aka Ruso] on Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:22 pm

Well Trond you are mistaken. You are a one man musician. You are a Live Performance Artist, an entertainer. You are NOT a DJ who's purpose is to play some music. You are a Producer/Composer, Mastering Engineer, you know your way around the Studio and know music better then most other performers at the festival.

If you don't think you deserve to be paid for it, then you're in the wrong ball game bro.

If your local festivals don't pay you, start building your own bro. That's the reality. You are in the music world you should be respected as a musician.

Now GRANTED not many people know about you... and those that do see you as just playing some boxes. They do not know any better. They don't know how much work it took you to get there. If that's the case, it is your job to let them know.

I don't mean let them know like "Bro if you want me to play you better pay me".... but more productive.... like "I spent 18 months preparing this live set, if you are interesting in having me PERFORM my vision for you..."

They HAVE to know what they're dealing with. If you ask them "can I play some techno on some boxes" there is nothing that defines you for what you do. They need to know that you are Trond, you made the music, you are an active artist working FULL TIME on YOUR SET which NOBODY ELSE CAN PLAY. You are a UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT FIGURE... there's nobody else who can do what you do.

If you get your vision across, it's not gonna be too long before you are known as the local OG Live PA who has mastered those two boxes of yours.... and not just some dude that was seen playing on some boxes.

Bro let them know you mean business. If you get bossed around or treated LET THEM KNOW that they are being absolutely disrespectful and unprofessional. They can look at it like "who the fook is this guy to talk to me like that" which is ok because the only thing you will lose is an unprofessional gig/venue/production company.

Don't be mistaken man, the person putting on the festival is throwing some money around. They know how shyte works. They are not your boss.

Your job as an entertainer is to grab your AUDIENCE and make them feel something. Once your music is good enough to speak for itself, which yours is pretty much there, there WILL be gigs... weather you get anywhere with them is where the business end of the equation comes in.

YOU DIRECT WHETHER YOU MAKE MONEY ON MUSIC OR NOT, NOT THE PROMOTER. Promoter's job is to make money on YOU. They are in a position to fook around and make YOU feel like you are entering THEIR show... but the reality is, once you step on the stage it's YOUR show. Even if your show SUCKS, if you play your game right you can make people want to pay for it.

Don't be mistaken man, there are very few people in the world like us. There are even less people like us that are good at what they do. Live PA is a big accomplishment that takes a lot of talent. DO NOT LET ANYONE MAKE YOU THINK OTHERWISE!!!!
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Re: How do you get to do your gigs?

Postby argiflex on Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:12 pm

The above post wins. Nothing to add, all I can possibly do is agree. Just sayin'
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