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Postby hseiken on Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:01 pm

When I used to enter pxtone contests (it's a minimal japanese sequencer), the contests were always based around themes and were judged on things like:

Composition - how complex is the music?
Technical - does the music push the program past where we thought possible?
Theme - how well does the music fit the theme?
Originality - did this song do something unexpected?
Overall - This category carried more weight than the other 3 and was basically: Is this song cool?

There were 'awards' presented in each catagory with OVERALL being the meat and potatoes to win the contest. I like the idea of themes to write tunes to. Examples of some of the themes that were used in those pxtone contests...

- wind/air
- night/darkness
- home/comfort
- etc.

It worked pretty well, I think. I believe there'd have to be 2 separate catagories added if this model was used:

Electribe Only: How well does production take advantage of electribes?
Electribe +: How well is the electribe integrated into the production?

They'd have to be separate...i.e. you're only critiqued in the relevant catagory.

2 cents have been thrown...whee...
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