What Is Wrong With My ESX1?

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What Is Wrong With My ESX1?

Postby eatinsnares on Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:15 pm

Can anyone please tell me what is going on with my ESX1?
It randomly plays notes without me actually playing or programming them in.
I was able to catch a short video of it doing it earlier:

This is actually the 3rd one I’ve had that started doing the same thing. MIDI clock is set to internal, so there’s nothing triggering it. It doesn’t matter if a pattern is running or not, it will act like that step 4 key is being played. On my other ESX it does it to the 7 key. I opened up the other/older ESX and gave new contact paint for all of the keys, it still does it.
No idea what to do :(

Thank you for your help!
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