triggering channel playback in logic ?!?!

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triggering channel playback in logic ?!?!

Postby ism on Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:05 am


ive been using logic for about a year now (just upgraded to 9:)) but ive never used any kind of external hardware (midi controller etc) so im a little clueless in this area. ive just come across a usb "midisport 4x4" & all the cables/connectors etc needed to hook my electribe (emx 1) up to my computer ... nice one :)

essentially, i want to be able to turn on/off playback of defined channels & control certain effect parameters using the korg but . . . what do i need to do in logic to link certain parameters to certain knobs (haha, knob) on the korg ? as i mentioned, my knowledge in this area is quite basic so if you could drop it "step by step" it would be a massive help !

sorry if this is a very basic question . . .

thanks in advance
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