ESX/EMX midi sequencer chain trick

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ESX/EMX midi sequencer chain trick

Postby Unfolding Machines on Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:34 pm

Here's a little workaround I just figured out for the ESX- theoretically this can also work with EMX, but this is most useful for the ESX when you factor in sampling/resampling. The purpose is to get away from only being able to enter notes without the keys on the ESX's front (ie- use more than 1.25 octaves of notes at a time) & use the ESX as a sequencer for other gear.

To record midi notes into the ESX to store in the sampler for replaying into an external synth chain you gear like this (make sure your gear's all set to the same midi channel & the synth's midi thru is on):

midi controller -> synth -> ESX

Pressing notes on your controller will now make the synth play & the ESX record the note with rec+play hit. After recording a few notes- swap your midi cables so the chain goes:

ESX -> synth

This will let you fine tune the sequence from the ESX & will allow for easy sampling/resampling. Real synths sound waaay better than appropriating waveforms synthesis in the keyboard parts so this can be pretty useful for the ESXers here.

Important note: I've used a controller that only has midi out- no in & thru. You may be able to trick a controller with in/out/thru to allow ESX sequence editing without unplugging (set up a loop ie controller -> synth -> ESX -> controller). Hope this isn't too complex, speak up if any of this needs to be rephrased. Cheers!
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