Having to mash your buttons harder and harder? NOT ANYMORE!

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Having to mash your buttons harder and harder? NOT ANYMORE!

Postby danwall on Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:31 am

I know there is a post on korg forums about this, but I was so excited after fixing my EMX-1's buttons I didnt even look through these forums before posting this!!

IF you ever have been playing along and mysteriously you miss a note...and you think...wtf i hit that key... and then u run an experiment and find that if u push your keys lightly, they dont work -- YOU NEED NOT BE SCURRED!!

My buttons were starting to get really messed up after years of constant use and abuse and im assuming some spillage and dropage. ANYWAY - I found this little product called Caikote 44 - its a tiiiiny little bottle of silverish paint. You gotta take your EMX all the way apart and pull out the button strips, on the back there are little black strips on each button, most have 2...i think all have 2....anyway........you take this TINY little q-tip toothpick type tool they give u and barely dip it in the bottle....this is PLENTY for every button!!! just steady yourself, take a deep breath, maybe smoke a fatty, and start meticulously painting this silver paint on each black pad. thin strips are best, you need to let it dry for a while and CURE it with a light bulb up close! that heat makes the difference!! once u have a nice thin dry layer of this on each pad - you leave it out overnight to MAKE sure its dry, and then put-er-back-together! VIOLA!!!!!




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