Pattern changes using other gear

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Pattern changes using other gear

Postby acemonvw on Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:33 am

Hello everyone, I'm new to the Electribe forums! I come over from the world of the Spectralis groovebox and now own an EMX (Of course I won't be selling the speckie anytime soon...)

Roland MC-808 (Master) --> Korg EMX (slave)

How can I change from pattern 1 to pattern 2 on the MC-808 and have the EMX do the same?

The MC-808 MIDI documentation is not very good. I'm not entirely sure if it even sends the correct information. I found the info in the EMX manual on pattern changes, but it doesn't really help me figure out what the MC-808 is not doing properly.

MSB and LSB and program changes on the EMX correspond to:
000, 001, 0-127

I can't actually find this info for the MC-808... All of my EMX filter settings are set to OOOO (none are 'X'ed out) as well as being clocked to the EXT... It starts and stops via 808 commands.

Any thoughts?

Here's something I did with the Spectralis, if you haven't seen it before!

This is a similar post, but the OP had all three electribes. I do not :(

This post is almost exactly what I'm looking for... but there's no mention of pattern changes...
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