esx playlevel feature problem

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esx playlevel feature problem

Postby staticwarp on Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:23 pm

just updated to the latest os version 1.02 to check out the new normalize feature. one thing i don't get is that it seems like samples that have their playlevel set to +12db don't respond to the level knob when triggered in a pattern.

the volume knob works if you just trigger the sample by tapping the pad it's assigned to, but once the sample is triggered in the pattern it just plays at +12 db no matter what.

anyone else notice this, or have a workaround? I've got some samples that are just too quiet even after they're normalized (i've even resampled them through the compressor and still too quiet), so the playlevel thing had me hoping for a way to easily bring them up in the mix. it's great to have them nice and loud, but not if you can't adjust the volume down a little bit.
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