Muddy Mix/Frequency Clash

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Muddy Mix/Frequency Clash

Postby TweakMaster on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:35 am

the frequency's of the parts can clash & make the mix (of sounds) muddy, I read up about how to fix this using DAW's, with spectrum EQ you can isolate the problem frequency's of the parts & turn the culprit frequency down (you could do it to the problem frequency in either part, I need to experiment more, what ever sounds best),if you're using EMX-1 stand alone (I guess the ESX too) you would use the EQ, LPF, HPF depending on what you need to do, but you've only got 3 effects parts so it's quite limiting, it's a good idea to think about all of the part's frequency's is the fist place, yeah year's of experience is good but you can get tables/lists of different instruments frequency's to work by, this is for all machines, it's sound engineering, learn how to mix sound's & EQ. :thumbs:
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