Sampling time /Sound categories/Mute mode

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Sampling time /Sound categories/Mute mode

Postby mio on Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:47 am

Hey Guys, thank's for creating this dedicated forum.
I'am a new electribe 2 user and have few questions, some may found them simple or even stupid, but this is how it is with hardware beginers.

1. Does factory samples included in 270 seconds electribe total sampling time,? It means to achieve 270 seconds of user samples i must delete all factory ones?

2. Can I create categories for my samples (kicks, percussion, bass etc.) ?

3. Is it possible to mute part in mute mode at the end of pattern not on exact time when part button pressed?
Just to have more time to switch on/off parts for next song part.

Thank you.
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