Using EMX1 as MIDI controller of KOPRO+

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Using EMX1 as MIDI controller of KOPRO+

Postby Heliossolar on Mon Nov 09, 2015 6:31 am


I bought a kopro+ last week and I was using it with my emx1. I synchronized the clock of the emx1 as INT and the one of the KOPRO as EXT.

The connections I made were this ones:

EMX1 audio output to KOPRO+ input.
EMX1 MIDI out to KOPRO+ MIDI in.

So I was playing patterns of my emx1 and suddenly when I played notes of the EMX1 I realized I was playing the synths of the KOPRO+. As the KOPRO is really difficult to use with the pad to play perfect notes, it seemed to me as the perfect match.

I didn't do anything else than synchronizing the clocks, so when I turned the machines off and on I synchronized them again but nothing happened. No more magic.

Do anyone knows how to do it properly?
I've been reading the manuals and though I tried to do many things with both machines I have no idea of how to do it.
Thanks for your help!
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