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Selecting Part While Soled

PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:41 pm
by lazymbeats
Hello All,

First post in the forum ever! Forgive me if this has been covered or is really simply but I really tried looking through the threads before asking. Here is what i am having trouble with:

When I have soled parts playing, I want to be able to select one of the soled parts so that I can tweak its settings live. Let's say for instance I have drum parts 1 and 3 soled as well as synth part 3. I know that the last "part" pressed is what the interface lets you mess with but let's say I want to tweak some FX knobs on drum part 1 even though I pressed drum part 3 last.

Right now it seems that my only option to select this part for editing is to hold down the solo button and quickly deactivate drum part 1 and then reactivate it. The problems with this is that it is not seamless and can sometimes stutter or cut out a part of the pattern.

I would have thought that one could hold down shift and select the part to give the part focus but this ends up just soloing that one part.

Any ideas on how to achieve this? Am i being clear enough? Is there no solution to this problem?

Re: Selecting Part While Soled

PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:13 am
by Almra
I think you have to press the "mute part" button first and then come back to the parts. So you switch from solo tu mute

I recommend getting out the Solo button anyway as a mistake can get all parts in again and might be not what you want. :?

Re: Selecting Part While Soled

PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:49 am
by lazymbeats
Thanks Almra,

I see what you mean. i'll have to get into the swing of using the part mute button instead. Thanks! rockin

Re: Selecting Part While Soled

PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:16 pm
by Almra
mmmm... not

I try to explain the steps that you can apply to solve your question:

1- you have your pattern going with all parts on.
2 - you solo, let's say, the kick drum on part 1, using the solo button
3 - you press the mute button
4 - you unmute synth num 1 and 2 just by pressing the part button
5 - you tweak around what you want at your wish , or keep unmutig more parts at your wish