EM-1 MIDI OUT Issue. Please Help!

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EM-1 MIDI OUT Issue. Please Help!

Postby donucci on Sun Aug 21, 2016 6:41 pm

Hello Fellow Tribers! Hope you can help me get my EM-1 back in servitude. I am trying to use it with Achim's EM-1 Editor (which I know works fine, since I have no trouble using it with my other EM-1). My problem EM-1 responds fine to MIDI messages I send from the editor; i.e. transport controls, edits, sysex patch and bank sends, controller movements, etc. BUT, when I click on the editor button that makes it send a sysex request to the EM-1 to send Bank A, B, C or D, or all Banks, The EM-1 is supposed to respond by sending the appropriate contents (in sysex format) out of the assigned MIDI port back to the editor. I can see by the indicator LEDs on my M-Audio MIDISPORT 4X4 that the software transmits (something) on the correct port, but I get a timeout error in the editor (it is not receiving the reply to the sysex request). Now, the MIDISPORT 4X4 LEDS also tell me that the EM-1 is constantly transmitting something. Even with the EM-1 clock set to internal. This is where I think something is wrong. The LED on the MIDISPORT IN (OUT from EM-1) port is always lit dimly and flickering really fast at a steady rate all the time, but it does exhibit a short burst of light when I send the sysex request from the editor. So it appears that the EM-1 actually is sending its' contents in response to the request, but perhaps the editor cannot read it properly because the sysex data is mixed with the possible MIDI garbage that the EM-1 appears to be constantly emitting. I could have run the EM-1 MIDI OUT through the MIDISPORT into MIDI-OX to see what the MIDI garbage is, but I didn't feel like doing that and I don't think it would be relevant, but OK, if you think I should, I'll reluctantly set up that experiment. Anyway, I think there is a hardware fault in the MIDI OUT section of the EM-1. If anyone has any ideas on how to remedy that, let me know. I am familiar with taking electronics, synths, etc. apart and doing basic repairs/mods/upgrades and I'm handy with a soldering iron. In lieu of any other ideas, if anyone knows of any parts I can order to replace the MIDI section or whatever, please let me know. If this is something deep that only an experienced Korg Tech can fix, or if it is just plain bye-bye time for EM-1 as a fully-functioning unit, other than replacing one or both circuit boards entirely (anyone have any spare boards laying around?), please also let me know that!
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