Troubleshooting A "no slice scroll in part edit mode" prob.

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Troubleshooting A "no slice scroll in part edit mode" prob.

Postby the child man on Sun Sep 11, 2016 4:57 pm

Hey I got this problem I have just come across. I have this sample I had sliced up prior. slices sound good and what not, the sample file has the little emblem showing it has the slice saved on it. I learned this great trick from Klerr (youtube) where you can get all your slices for a given sample you sliced up before and assign them with the dial to all the different parts.
The process is as follows
go into pattern edit mode. tap a part button you want to assign. scroll down on the part edit menu to slice no. then use dial to get what you want out of the sample. I
have done this with much ease and happiness. However, I have this one sample I was mentioning in the beginning there, which when I scroll down to slice no, instead of showing the "All slices" bit it shows "---". Why and how do I avoid this in the future? Thank you for your time and insight.
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