Recording Problem

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Recording Problem

Postby missmandible on Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:54 am

Hi All:
All of a sudden, I seem to be having an issue recording parts into a few patterns. All affected patterns emanated as a copy of one particular pattern. Sequence of events:

1. I added a part to a pattern I had created during a previous session (it recorded as expected)
2. I tried to add another part to the pattern, and though I heard the part while I performed it, it did not record.
3. I turned the unit off and turned it back on again. I tried to record the part into the pattern, and it worked!
4. Sadly, when I tried to record another part into the pattern, it no longer worked.
5. I double checked the record status (it was recording), turned it off and on again (no such luck this time), cleared motions, and made sure the Trigger button was enabled. I don't believe that I accidentally applied a setting that effectively silenced the part, since the trigger pad I pressed during recording didn't illuminate on playback.

To be clear, other patterns outside of this group of patterns are able to accept new parts during recording. Is there some kind of max # of parts per pattern that I reached ... at 5 parts? I realize the nuclear option is to completely remake this pattern and go from there, but I'm trying to not only avoid the extra work, but prevent this from happening again.
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Re: Recording Problem

Postby Almra on Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:39 pm

why don 't you create a new pattern and copy each part and each sound form the original, excluding the nasty part? that might work
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