Unusual use of the ESX2 and some questions

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Unusual use of the ESX2 and some questions

Postby TRC on Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:27 am

Hello all - first post! :) I've got an unusual way that I'm planning to use the ESX2 and some questions and am hoping some of you gurus out there might have some insight. I should note that I just got the unit and am solidly in the "noob" camp, though I've messed around with MIDI in various ways for some time. Besides screwing around with making crazy electronic tracks (DnB mostly), I also play drums in a band. In that band we trigger samples periodically and that's where the electribe comes in. So now our guitar player wants to kick off samples and the plan is to do so using a Looptimus guitar pedal (looptimus.com). Though a bit tedious, this should work. I setup some samples on different pads and he triggers them by switching to the corresponding channels (for each pad) and firing it off. But there are some issues as follows:

1. I want to bullet-proof the trigger of his samples such that they don't follow note information. In other words, when he fires off the pad, I always want the sample to play at the original pitch/speed, regardless of whatever note the Looptimus sends. Is there a way to setup a sample/pad to do? In experimenting with my midi keyboard, I couldn't get the electribe not to follow the keyboard note. I simply want the electribe to play the original sample.

2. Secondly and similarly, is there any way to have the pads trigger from different notes? For example, could it be setup such that on channel 1 pad 15 responds to "C3" and channel 1 pad 16 responds to "D3"? It's completely logical why it is setup as it is and yes, this is unusual, but is it possible? If no, we may have to go back to using a laptop running software with midi mapping if him switching channels is too much of a pain.

Seems simple right? Hit button, play sample we want it to play... :shakeno:

Thanks in advance!
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