songmode synth melody event recording question

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songmode synth melody event recording question

Postby phloxrocks on Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:59 am

im figuring out songmode musicmaking through experimentation. and now i have a question. i enjoy how i can record knobtweeks during song playback. i also enjoy adding some synth as well.
but what do i do when i make a mistake while im entering notes? theres no way to view the note-entering events (for example, when you play they keyboard synth part in pattern mode, it shows you in the step lights where the notes are, but when you play in song mode this does not happen). i try to just record over the mistake, but those mistake notes still play. my only way of working with this is re-loading the song (without saving) and starting all over from the beginning just to fix a mistake made in the middle. and if i happen to save the song and then realize later i made a mistake, i have to program a new identical song (same pattern progression, but without the events i added) and start again. is this how it works? does this make sense?
thank you.
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Re: songmode synth melody event recording question

Postby Dj Pound on Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:39 am

You have to activate record and play when your playing back a sequence in song mode to be able to delete any knob tweeks or data input you may of recorded previously. Once youve done that, you can hold down the shift button while simultaneously holding down the pad of the part (or twisting the knob)that you want to delete, and the ESX will delete that data.

Hope that helps!
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