Muzik 4 Machines

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Muzik 4 Machines

Postby muzik4machines on Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:09 am 100's of esx clips

gear used

esx1: all sequencing and drum sounds

tx81z: reverby/pumpy sawtooth bass/lead (chain:tx81z-mfc42-alesis nanoverb-dbx266 ch1 (pump)-ch2 (compression)-mixer)

mks50: hoover/saw/lead/pumpy synth (Chain MKS-boss sl20-dbx266(stereo, mostly pump)-zoom rfx2200-mixer)

Redsound SoundBite Pro: vocals/looping

korg kaoss pad 2: delay

kaoss pad 3: loops, looper(snare rolls), grainshifter

kaossilator: noise sweeps (path: k01-mini kp(delay)-mixer)

er1: beatbox AND sidechain signal (Chain: left out-boss v-wha-sansamp gt2-boss volume pedal-boss dd5 delay-volume pedal(stereo from the delay)-mixer)

Motu midi mixer: my mixer, controlled by the BCF)

Kawai midi patchbay:guess

dbx mc 6: output compressor

NOT used:
a computer, besides recording it; no edition, no mastering, What you hear is what I send out of the main outs
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Re: Muzik 4 Machines

Postby StellarJay[aka Ruso] on Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:39 am

I'll let this time slide but please don't double post in multiple forums.
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