Ringin' in 2013 with some zombie funk!

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Ringin' in 2013 with some zombie funk!

Postby TreeAliens on Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:05 am

https://soundcloud.com/treealiens/solid ... y-live-new

I got to ring in the new year while playin a set outside in down town boston! Was thinking this stuff might be a bit darker than what most people would want to hear for new years music but there were still a bunch of folks out dancin!

I would love some feedback from you electribe heads about the set up I'm using for this. So I have a ESX and an EMX going into a two channel DJ mixer so i can fade them and cut the lows mids highs etc on either one, then the dj mixer goes into a kp3 which i use to resample the tracks and then mix the next one in over it. Trying to achieve some middle ground between a dj setup and a live electribe performance. Although I'm just tweaking patterns here< muting and un muting parts and messing with settings, no song mode. I guess the transitions would be smoother and faster if i just pre programmed a bunch of songs and mixed them? But then it wouldn't be as much of a live performance, what do you all think?? :bday: :bday:
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