Is Max Smith faking the funk?

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Is Max Smith faking the funk?

Postby LousyFacelift on Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:41 am

Hello Bwoys an Gals!
I've found a vid on Youtube that really puzzles me. This guy is playing some really decent dubstep stuff, at least for my taste, on an EMX but as soon as I heard it I thought: "Damn, that sounds familiar..." I then looked up the comments and read that many viewers accused him of playing a preset demo track. He claims it's all his original composition. I just recently cleared the entire memory of my EMX-1 SD, not without losing some of my patterns (arrrggghh!!!) and just for fun loaded all the preset stuff back in, to see if I could find the patterns or the song that this guy uses in his vid: They weren't there. So he definitely doesn't use any of the EMX-1 SD presets. Could it be that he recorded demos of the older EMX version or somehow managed to get some ESX demos in the EMX and that's were I've heard these patterns? Maybe he transferred MIDI data from the ESX and then just dialed in the right sounds...? I have an ESX 1-SD but I earased many of the presets, so I can't check on that, if anyone knows why so many people on YT (including me) think he's playing demos, p l e a s e let me know because I'm so damn curious, this is the vid:

I hope I'm not being unfair or turning psycho or anything, I just can't lose the feeling that I've heard this before and it starts driving me bananas....(imagine some diabolical laughter at this point). Any hint on this unsolved mystery would be highly appreciated, please share your info, thanks a lot!
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Re: Is Max Smith faking the funk?

Postby neotechtonics on Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:30 am

It certainly sounds hellishly familiar. No idea if its a preset.. might have been built off one (I have both EMX-SM old and EMX-SD latest but never really paid attention to the presets). that doo-doo doo doo lead sound is screaming familiarity. The raw woodblock sound might have also been used in some presets.. versatile percussion sound but it really irritates me when its not treated/pitched/mangled.

over 250k views.. damn.. I should start doing youtube videos if this gets that many views.

one thing i can say for sure: HE'S USING PRESET DRUM SOUNDS!! WHAT A FAKER!! lol
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Re: Is Max Smith faking the funk?

Postby sauce on Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:42 am

I listened. The song is original, but the waveforms and oscs in the EMX (and the ESX, for that matter) sound very familiar.. You can always tell the sound of an Electribe, if you know what I mean. To further complicate things, he used some of the voices from the "UK Bass" EMX pattern set. He modified them a little, but you can still tell they are there.

In short, it's familiar yes, but it's a solid tune. The intro sounds really good; the patterns get pretty muddy once the track picks up. He would be better off sending some of the voices out through 3/4 and processing them externally. for music, tutorials, news, sample-packs and tutorials.
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