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Postby TheBeatfarmer805 on Sat Sep 13, 2014 11:36 pm

I wrote the song itself on the ESX using some samples I had in my library for years, many made in Massive, a couple are actually from the lame preset sounds that came with the ESX. and some freshly acquired.
The BASSLINES were as strong as I wanted them to be but I'm pretty sure that if I try to add original vocals, I would from then on be connected to the universe inside....Inside the mind of a crazyish eclectic person like me.
I'm going to try to stay away from my friends cause k is an evil number and doesn't need much provoking to ruin someone's day.

The 4x4 pads are an MPD. Yes it was triggering my custom layered chain effected un-bouced ableton drum racks
That's all I did with ableton when playing that set live. only ONE MIDI TRACK in the open session, containing the drumrack, and NO MIDI NOTES on the track because I NEVER PRESS PLAY when using a live. That's the one thing I understood from reading the entire bible and I have faith that it's the only righteous way to call one's self a "Live Performer",
aka "I do Live PA",
aka "I do beats/sequencing live",
aka """I only play original music that I created from scratch on stage live and never before heard by""""------
hold up.......no.....I've seen a few do that, but heard way too many describe themselves as one who does that.

I write EVERYTHING into the ESX as patterns, then sequenced into Songs, then sequenced into a Song Chain.
Tons of motion sequences, things that sound like mutes and solos and building sweeping snareroll reverse cymbals are all set in stone at home.
Then, late at night... in my dark private studio... I touch twiddle tickle and fondle every single part of the song while it plays...over and over until figure out witch patterns REALLY react to being touched, and at exactly WHAT TIME and WHICH PART likes to be diddled.
That's when I write my choreography for performance tricks. maybe I'll open up the reverb time at the end of this pattern cause its all running through that effect, or maybe I'll get crazy with the arp ribbon + slider on the glitchy Slice part at the end of every first 4th bar during the verses.

Finally I integrate the MPC (no more MPD, I'm on to some next level shyte with the MPC using bounced layered sounds created in drumrack, then layering them smore on each MPC pad, cuase it's 4 sounds per pad, then I have MIDI from the MPC going into the ESX which makes certain pads trigger certain drum/keyboard/stretch/slice/ and Audio Input line.
But that's all to be explained in my next post........Did I mention I use a TAMA bassdrum pedal to smack a YAMAHA DD5 pad that's mounted to a board of wood along with the midi out ports from the DD5 - sending midi smacks to C1 on the MPC which I keep in the C bank so my fingers don't ever touch it?
Next Post will have sounds 'n' video for you to watch as many times as you like for free. Rip, Sample, re-edit, repurpose, and re-package anything of mine without asking. It's all free and good with me :) I do it for the stage.

My name's Beatfarmer, from socal.
I produce a few beats for a few MCs,
I also spin sets on the decks or record a mix every now and then
But mostly I kick it underground with ravers cause I like them and they like Live PA.


Performing shows currently as:

ESX, MPC 1000, that's it at the moment....BUT!...

Here's what I will eventually be using----------------->MC909, Microkorg, and Mininova

I am a tribesman
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