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make some noise!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:31 pm
by adamitron
so i figured this section of the forum was a little dead, here is something i loved to do when i still had all my gear together. this is assuming you have a mixer with two aux channels, but you can work it lots of ways. to start, you hook up your esx to channel one, and then hook up the input to aux send 1. next you bust out your microkorg (or other suitable machine) and hook it up to channel two, and hook up the input to aux send 2. get some delay's set up on the audio in of both machines, feel free to put some fx's in as well, that part is all on you. then turn up aux 2 on channel 1 and aux 1 on channel two. at this point you have to be quick on the faders because feedback, as you know, loves to build. the mixer i did this on had a record out that wasn't powered, so i would hook up some speakers to that and it would drain alot of power from it and help keep everything from getting to fierce while still letting me push both machines pretty hard, but your setup might vary, and i'm sure there are other ways to keep it all from getting overboard. anyway, at this point you are all set, hit a note on either machine and use the built in fx's (or put some other fx boxes right after the esx and microkorg if you have the capabilities) and blam biggity bam you have yourself a feedback loop. for some added structure sync both machines up and use bmp controlled fxs, maybe throw a drum loop on top of it (i used a tr-505 for this). hopefully i haven't had too much to drink tonight and this is understandable.
*edit: i just saw that i'm still an electribe newbie, which is a lie, i've been rocking it for 3 years or so now, i just never post here, or on the korg forums before this.

Re: make some noise!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:24 pm
by adamitron
uhhh, 411 views and no comments? bump for some love.