ESX sample batch tool (.bat script)

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ESX sample batch tool (.bat script)

Postby hobbit on Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:59 pm

hey, I have just write little script for batch processing samples (convert them to wav/mono/resample/normalize & script for glue them)

[] this tool is for batch processing samples for ESX Electribe

[] unpack this zip in your favourite directory

[] before run this tool you should download and install SOX package ( and reedit ../config/pathEnv.bat file

[] this tool converts drag'n'droped (on the script.bat/script_32.bat icon) samples to wav (44,1kHz or 32kHz) with normalize them to the 0 dB headroom. processed samples will be saved in converted/converted_32 directory

[] if you want to use method descripted in here: just multiselect (hold ctrl + left mouse click) bunch of samples and drag'n'drop them on the glue.bat/glue_32.bat icon. REMEMBER TO PROCESS THIS SAMPLES BEFORE, if you d'n'd 32khz samples on the glue.bat it doesn't work, because glue.bat is for 44,1kHz samples, for 32kHz samples don't process them thru glue.bat, for them you should use glue_32.bat

download (5kb)
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