Help with Motion Sequence and Part Effects.

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Help with Motion Sequence and Part Effects.

Postby Helios on Wed May 27, 2015 10:38 am

Greetings Electribbers.
I have been using the EMX1 and though I have been advancing on its use, I have two problems:

1.- I don't know how to properly use the motion sequence. As far as I understand, when active, it will reproduce the knob movement while recording a specific part while a pattern is playing. I do that but when I play the pattern it doesn't work, just sounds plain acorrding to the adjusting I did before. Could anyone give me an example of how to use it properly?

2.- When I add effects to a part, as far as I understand I can apply a maximum of 3 effects, but actually only 1 sound (if i have selected the fx1, then will play fx1, and so on if i choose fx2 or fx3). I have chosen the fx chain but when I do that it doesn't apply the 3 fx to the sound of the part. Sometimes, when select the chain, adds one effect to the whole pattern. How do I do it properly to add 3 effects part by part? I have tried choosing a part with the "solo" option, but it doesn't work either.

Any help is welcome.
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