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NExt! DJS-24

Postby SNFool on Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:20 pm

anybody ever hear of this sampler? I'm buying one tomorrow really really cheap, so I can't go wrong, I've just never heard of it or the company. I'm hoping to use it more for sfx, atmospheres, etc.

Right now I have a CDJ100 for vocal samples (Bill Hicks, Terrence Mckenna, some ragga) which I never would have considered using, but the price was right. God I love craigslist. I low ball but I don't window shop. I look for desperate sellers and be patient. So far I have traded $600 worth of guitar gear for a complete lighting rig and spent about $800 on my electribes, the cdj, my compression, and the DSJ. Fate has definitely turned in my direction thankfully, I got one electribe stolen from me, the other one 'broken' by a roommate (never replaced). It's one thing to lose your hardware, but your beats? Your soul? Twice? Ouch. I was thinking about committing musical suicide and doing performance sound art. My idea was to shave, brush my teeth, and make a smoothie and call the performance "morning". Oh and it would all be contact mic'd with a phaser and it would all be written on staff paper with a metronome playing in the background. Let me know if my imaginary rants about shyte I just concocted get annoying... I am the fool though...
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