Workaround to Velocity Recording?

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Workaround to Velocity Recording?

Postby thehighesttree on Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:28 am

I was just skimming another thread, when someone mentioned tweaking the part volume as a stand-in for velocity. Now since I've never mapped CCs, I'm wondering: would it be possible to assign the velocity CC from a synth to the Part Volume parameter, then record a motion sequence for this? If you activated the motion sequence button, would it record this and note data simultaneously? Could this be the workaround we were hoping for?
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Re: Workaround to Velocity Recording?

Postby LousyFacelift on Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:55 am

Hi there! Again, this reply is quite late, but maybe you or other forum readers will still find it helpful. First of all, the difference between volume and velocity afaik is, that velocity also changes the color of sound to a certain, subtle degree. The timbre will be played back with a slightly brighter sound on fast attacks so this parameter really only makes sense when its locked to your keyboard/pads so that it can affect the sound in relation to how you trigger the sound. I think the only way there is to make the EMX a fully velocity sensitive device, is to trigger its sounds with a seperate sequencer that records velocity values. This way you can use the EMX as a velocity sensitve sound module. Greets!
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