New Korg grooveboxen?! o.0

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Re: New Korg grooveboxen?! o.0

Postby weeirdo on Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:27 am

This is pretty funny, answering a post a month. Actually considering how many posts this forum gets it makes sense.

The new Volca series actually do have MIDI out, it's just not wired. You've probably noticed in the discussion on other forums, and there's a couple of youtube videos with this mod too. However the sequencer only has 8 patterns, so it's interesting but not super-powerful.

But I'm not sure about running other stuff through the filter, which is easily done on a Monotron. I guess it could be done on the Volca series, but it would be more complicated.

I don't know about the Moog Ring Modulator, I kind of think it's too expensive to mod, but you would get another LFO.

There's also the Paia Ring mod kit, I have one and tried to mod it for 9V using the circuit from the book, but it wouldn't work. It doesn't have LFO though.

I was thinking something else with Monotrons though: perhaps wiring the keys directly, not sure that it would work because I can't find a service manual for any of the PSS series. It would surely work with secondary contacts, but you'd have to rewire a new contact on each switch. The easiest: simply wire the filter with the LFO on the filter: you just get a filter, but it's still very interesting.
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Re: New Korg grooveboxen?! o.0

Postby sauce on Fri Aug 02, 2013 1:05 pm

I have been checking Ebay daily for the release of these..

Anyway, the reason I was thinking about the MF Ring Mod is because I already had one, but I don't anymore. I think rather than let the real-estate in the other speaker chassis go to waste, here are some options I am considering:

*A Behringer Multi-FX like I did in some of the videos.

*Belcat Analog Delay.

*An audio looper.

*M-Audio, or similar cheap audio/MIDI interface.. Tascam? This would almost make the unit a complete, live solution, along with Ableton and my ESX. for music, tutorials, news, sample-packs and tutorials.
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