ER-1 Song Saving Error? Anyone have this Problem?

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ER-1 Song Saving Error? Anyone have this Problem?

Postby Josh33 on Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:57 am

Hey everyone,

Just got an ER-1 off ebay. It was still in the original box and is great. This is my first go at an Electribe so please help me if you can.
I've read the manual front to back and have been playing with it non stop for two days. However.. I've been trying to create a song in song mode and for some reason it will not let me save no matter what i try. I constantly get ER.2 which states; "When writing a song to a song of a different number, you exceeded the maximum number of events that can be recorded. Delete unneeded song event data." This doesn't make any sense because I haven't recorded any event data to begin with. I also attempt to clear any events just in case there is something in there that I don't know about and I still don't have any luck. I'm really frustrated and worried that my unit might be defective or something. Anyone else have this issue or can lead me in the right direction? Maybe I'm reading something wrong. Help!

TL;DR: Keeping getting error when trying to save a song. Please help.

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