Load own samples to stretch part

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Load own samples to stretch part

Postby Andrea23 on Sat May 17, 2014 4:15 am

Hi, ppl ! :)
Well, i want load some loop to stretch or slice part.
But i don't see my loop in list of samples, when i work with stretch/slice part.
I see it only in drum/keyboard part.
How can i load own loop to this parts ? May be i miss some requirements for wav-file ?
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Re: Load own samples to stretch part

Postby sauce on Mon Jun 09, 2014 3:27 pm

Hello.. First, your sample needs to be 16-bit, not 24-bit, and should be mono if you want to take advantage of both slice or stretch parts. Assuming all of this is correct, you must go into "sample edit" menu and groom your sample for these parts. Curser down to "Stretch" and enter the value you wish to stretch your sample to, in 16th notes. Also, hold shift and press the pad for "slice" ( I can't remember which one it is; I no longer own an ESX), set the resolution value, press again and audition the lit pads to see if your sample is sliced in the right place. If not, hold "shift" and manually put the slices in. Press slice again to finalize and write the sample. All of this is covered in the manual, except holding shift and entering slice points manually.. That I figured out on my own. =)
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