NOOB question about tubes

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NOOB question about tubes

Postby kspssd on Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:35 pm

Hello All
My EMX is on the way...(2 days and counting)
It is a used item. I see a lot of discussion concerning the tubes.replacing and what kind are "the best" etc.
My questions are...
What are the tubes for ?
I understand you route the output of the device through them.
Is it to add "warmth" or "distortion" ,volume, a "sweet spot" of all three?
I have no idea of the history of the unit I purchased. (Used through Guitar Center). It will be my first ever Electribe so I have no reference as to what the influence the tubes impart.
Is the setting of the tubes saved as part of the pattern ?
Is it a recommendation to pop in new tubes after X amount of years?
Any tips are appreciated
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