free ESX instrument pack + Highly efficient ESX-pack forsale

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free ESX instrument pack + Highly efficient ESX-pack forsale

Postby sqz on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:05 am

The ESX-file in the video (the one for sale) is a very unique one.
It gives your Electribe SX new features and virtual playback channels.
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Re: free ESX instrument pack + Highly efficient ESX-pack for

Postby electrofood on Thu Feb 26, 2015 3:09 pm

Very interesting and useful upgrade!
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Re: free ESX instrument pack + Highly efficient ESX-pack for

Postby Unfolding Machines on Wed May 13, 2015 4:28 am

I gotta be honest, Leon, there's a few ethical issues with this.

Firstly- you misrepresent the product you're selling. From the audience/buyer perspective I got excited when I saw the claim "memory upgrade pack" and an image of an ESX with PC memory card. This suggests that you're offering a hardware upgrade, not a sample pack. Your sample pack does not increase the ESX's storage in any real way other than prioritising sample slots (no matter how clever the method is). Gotta admit I was let down when I realised you're selling software not hardware, a real memory upgrade would've been dope.

Secondly- asking $10 for the pack is problematic when it's based on stock sounds out of the ESX & EMX. Other people working for Korg made those sounds and you're taking money for their and work but not compensating them for it (if you are compensating them I haven't seen evidence of that). There's no problem with you arranging & selling sounds you made on your own for the sample pack, but that's not the case.
^For argument's sake, Korg was also in dodgey territory when they included a snare from the Amen break in the ESX. But that doesn't make it right.

Thirdly- these 3 claims about the ping pong loops are plainly false.
"I made some modifications to the drum sounds..."
"in contrast to Korg's factory settings, this .ESX turns even the drumsounds into synthesisable drums or notes"
"So, the extreme ping pong loops are also an extra feature which are not present in any other ESX file I have ever seen"
That type of sound editing is possible with any other drum sound in any other ESX sample pack, and you know it. In the video you even used a stock Korg sound to make that ambient noise. By saying "I made some modifications" before demonstrating the technique suggest that you are the sole person responsible for the technique. If you'd said all that differently, it'd be OK but what you've uploaded to Youtube is lying to your customers. If you didn't mean to lie, OK, but be careful with the words you choose.

Look, I don't have a problem with you selling sample packs in an honest way but this is pushing it. Chances are gullible people are going to buy your sample pack thinking that they can only make those sounds and get that workflow AFTER giving you $10.

Credit's due where real ingenuity is shown, there's a few ESX tutorials are incredible and give the user everything you're offering for free. If you'd like I'll link videos that explain wavetable synthesis on the ESX (what you called "ping pong loops"), how to stack multiple sounds onto a single pad and how to musically manipulate the sample start point. At least one of those videos are even on your Electribrary site. The people who made those videos shared their knowledge in ways that are honest and not monetised, gotta respect that.

I really hope you consider your selling tactics. Best of luck.
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Re: free ESX instrument pack + Highly efficient ESX-pack for

Postby river on Mon May 18, 2015 4:28 pm

I finally got round to loading this pack onto my ESX and had a little play. Brilliant! I did have the same idea to consolidate all my drum samples into one file, all the single cycle waves to one file. Which is a time consuming job. leon has done the work for me, fantastic!
Was it free? yes it was!
Is it efficient? Hell yes it is!
There are a ton of so called life changing sample packs out there, this is one of the few that has actually saved me time, increases my workflow, AND ulitmately gives me more sample time on my machine.
Cheers for sharing Leon!
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