E2 midi controll and fun times :D

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E2 midi controll and fun times :D

Postby sonikboom on Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:37 am

so , long time tribe user here first time poster.
anyways i wanted to share a little fun thing ive been doing with my new box.
i had a junky bcr2000 lying around and thought "hey, instead of all this button pushing why dont i map out some controls onto it and see how it goes"
so thats what i did.
now i have independent control of level, filter c/o, pan, insert send, mfx send for all parts at my finger tips.
now fading multiple parts on the fly is a breeze , it really ads to the fun. so if you have one lying around like i did or something similar
toss it in there and muck it up!
im going to try and map the x y control of the pad to a couple knobs later and see if i can muster anything i cant do with just the pad itself.

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Re: E2 midi controll and fun times :D

Postby Nguyen Do Minh Quan on Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:05 am

Oh is it with E2 is 16 difference midi chanel which u can access every parameter chanel to be control by Bcr w the nomal midi cc?
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