ESX vs New Electribe Sampler - Pro's/Con's

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ESX vs New Electribe Sampler - Pro's/Con's

Postby Dimension on Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:55 am

I've read theres a lot of bad about the new but also good, Im wondering if someone with the experience with the old ESX vs the new electribe sampler can write the pro's and con's of each device. Here are mine so far from my understanding of other peoples experience:

New electribe sampler:

Pro's: Runs off of 6 AA batteries, Integrates with Ableton (which I use)

Con's: Poor FX (I've read a lot about them being rather half ass at doing what their supposed to). 50 buttons (excluding power button)/18 knobs. Poor X/Y (read about it being a "gimmick"). Free from having to deal with valves

Old ESX electribe:

Pro's: Better FX, 70 Buttons/17 knobs/1 fader

Con's: Has to be plugged in

My questions:

What is the model called of the new electribe sampler? (ESX is the old one)
How do switching patterns compare from each?
Are you locked within the timing of sequences/Able to play realtime off time?
When you play sounds into the electribes is there a countdown/wait time similar to pattern and fx?
Can you play 32nd notes?
Can you turn the countdown off all for FX and switching patterns?
How does the workflow compare between the EXS/New electribe sampler?

I like to do off time stuff (NO theory knowledge) but perhaps being forced within a set sequence would give me a good sense of timing...
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Re: ESX vs New Electribe Sampler - Pro's/Con's

Postby Blue Monster 65 on Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:04 pm

The new one is called Electribe Sampler. I'm not sure if the manual for that one is up yet, but the manual for the Electribe (some have taken to calling it the EMX2) is up and that should answer most of the rest of your questions. As soon as they're getting ready to actually release it, I would imagine the proper manual will be online at Korg as well.

Sorry if that's not very helpful, but that's all I've got so far!
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Re: ESX vs New Electribe Sampler - Pro's/Con's

Postby river on Sat Apr 25, 2015 1:12 pm

I cant answer the specific questions, havnt tried the new one yet. I was considering getting one, but the specs put me off.
Lack of 'proper' connections, only 4 bars, no valves, al those leds that i dont need.
Ultimatley it depends what you want to do with it. Since i was looking for a machine that would take me away from the computer, the ableton intergration was irrelevant. I also liked the gritty lofi sound of the esx 1.
I got an ESX 1 about a month ago, and i love it! I love the tank like build, i love the manual being printed right on the front panel. All the knobs, the valves, and the instant access learning curve.

So pros and cons to both machines, but i think the user will decide which is more suitable, not the machines.
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