What unit plays original quality for self made import sampls

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What unit plays original quality for self made import sampls

Postby Dimension on Thu May 07, 2015 12:13 am

I've heard some units not being able to play original quality for imported sounds. I've heard this is compensated by being able to do more flexible effects chains and deeper sample editing capabilities, whereas the ones that DO play the imported samples closer to, original quality EXCEPT... That is compensated by less flexibility. Is there a comparison of what a sample sounds like originally and then what it sounds like in a sampler?

in regards to portability, I imagine the more powerful the unit is, the bigger it may be but, I am looking for something that is the MOST portable with the HIGHEST quality imported sample playback with the MOST flexible features.

I am absolutely NOT looking for a band instrument OR anything that connects to a laptop. What I am looking for is:

- Ability to load my own one shots/drums without stopping the sequence
- The ability to control the volume of each sound
- FX on each individual pad: compressor, reverb, various distortion etc
- Filter knobs that I can control more than one parameter
- The ability to change any of the sounds pitch/filter envelope's attack, hold and delay to create stabby and swelling sounds without stopping sequence
- Ability to control pitch subtly for oscillation movement (but that just sounds like i want a synth and they are too big!)
- Ability to play chords (again, might be too much to ask for, I suppose I can just pre write the chords in ableton)

Idea that fell through: Electribes because they don't play samples at original quality (although I heard the new ones are at 48000khz but I'm not sure if that makes it play better quality)
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Re: What unit plays original quality for self made import sa

Postby Nguyen Do Minh Quan on Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:54 am

Use a Dx7, really good for taking sampler from. On Dx7 u can create complex sound n then sampler it to electribe. I mod my electribe to bypass the tube so now it play exactly the same sound when i sampler it. Microbrute is nice to have analogue synth voice also.
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