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Roland TR-8

Postby Blue Monster 65 on Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:03 am

After failing to truly connect with the new Electribe, I returned it and got a Roland TR-8. I had an 808 back in the day (about '83 / '84) and then sold it on when the DR-110 was released (seriously). From there I moved on from there to a 707. Flash forward 30+ years and my curiousity was seriously piqued by the TR-8, as it offered the 808 sound at a very reasonable price.

Now, does the TR-8 sound like a real 808/909/707/727? Well ... I dunno ... close enough for me, with plenty of extra fun stuff thrown in, too. As I said, I haven't had an 808 or 707 in almost 30 years, so there you go. I actually spent more time with the 707 than the 808 and that sounds really close to my poor memory. I bury 'em in reverb anyway! I used an outboard Fostex reverb a lot back then, so the onboard reverb is much, much nicer (even the "crappy" settings). The onboard delay is interesting, too. Setting what instruments get what effect and what step the effect comes in on is very cool - much like a poor man's motion sequencing (on the EMX). I've yet to run it through outboard FX, but that will come along soon enough.

Last night I synced the two up and the let the EMX run it's course while tweaking the TR-8. LOADS OF FUN!! My beloved EMX is not going anywhere, but now has a pretty swell new friend to play with.
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