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I have lots of new videos.. Electribe Sampler & ESX

PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:07 pm
by sauce
Hello.. Long time. In case there are still some here lurking and posting, I have lots of new videos up:

Tutorial: legato sliced breaks on the ES2:

ES2 vs ESX comparison: Remix potential:

ES2 vs ESX comparison: Slicing and resampling:

Free Electribe Sampler pattern/sample set, w/ demonstration:

Tutorial: Using an audio click track to DINsync E2, ES2, Volcas etc. Sync your unit to a live band:

Using the Electribe with a hardware VST host:

ESX sample set for September 2015:

Free Transformers sample set for the ESX:

ESX tutorial: How to use the timestretch feature for mashups, w/ free sample set:

May 2015 pattern and sample set: