Fiddling and Diddling

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Fiddling and Diddling

Postby marsmodular on Sat Jan 02, 2016 7:05 pm

I have been reading dozens of posts on this forum in the last few days, trying to grasp what and how to use my recently acquired EA1, then decided tonight to merely power it on, and fiddle around with it, as has been suggested. I have been on that beast for what seems like only a few minutes, which grew to well over two hours! And, merely holding it lap style with headphones to monitor. I think that once I apply compression and EQ to each part's output, I will likely have usable sounds comparable to my six modular VCO's. Although it's been fun to experiment texturing and tweaking the factory sounds, I am still at a loss as to how to create and save patterns and/or patches.

Evidently unlike most of you- at least from most of the posts I've read, I am using hardware, and only software to upload to the internet. And, yes, that means that I have a stack of EQ's and compressors*- all left over from my days of recording lectures. It may seem silly to some that there are those of us who still use a lot of hardware, but to each his or her own?


*(Not a literal stack, mind you, several racks and custom made cabinets) :rolling:
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