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Sample Chop Trick

Postby DJDUBB on Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:38 pm

First, I love my ESX. While I understand some users complaints about the encoder knobs not aging so well in addition to some units having blown their digital bus fuse, nonetheless, KORG got it very right with this one. Having had little else to use in recent to use, I have found there is almost nothing this box can't do!

I recently began composing an entire Hard House mix with only this. Boy, could take it live and no one would know the difference.

On thing I have done that I haven't seen anyone else cover is a Sample Chop Trick this beast can perform.

Take a loop sample of your choice, preferably a 4/4 (4 on the floor beat). Use the sample edit feats to edit your start and end times for a well trimmed loop. Write to save then assign it to the first 8 of the 9 Drum Parts. In the Step Edit menu, set the Gate Time for each part to 128.00. Adjust the EG Time to 16 on each of the parts. Then adjust the Start Point for each Drum Parts as follows: Set 1/ST. to 0 (should already be this value by default). Set 2/- to 16. Set 3/ST. to 32. Set 4/- to 48. Set 5 to 64. Set 6A to 80. Set 6B to 96 and, finally, set 7A to 112.
Your well trimmed loop will now be "sliced" into 8 equal pieces over the first 8 Drum Part pads (128 ÷ 16 = 8). This will allow you to alter the loop's time signature in realtime, ie, turn that 4 on the floor loop into a 6/8 breakbeat, etc. I recently tried this with the opening drum loop from Led Zepplin's When the Levy Breaks as well as the famous Amen Break. CHECK IT OUT - AWSOMENESS. I plan to post video on YT soon.
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