new hardware quandry

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new hardware quandry

Postby primateoftheyear on Wed Jun 11, 2008 2:44 am

hey folks, nice forum! not seen most of you who i know from the korgforums for as while due to some serious ill health, but am, for better or worse, up and active again.

i'm looking to add to my hardware setup, i've already got an EMX1 and a yamaha rm1x, which although their functions overlap, compliment each other nicely (the rm1x has a much higher resolution sequencer and polyphony and the emx1 has beatiful noises and great live interface).

i'm looking to add to this setup with a sampler and a mixer. the first choices that spring to mind are (obviosly) an ESX1 and a kaoss mixer, but i'm still researching, what i'd like to do is be able to mix between the emx1 and the sampler, posibly adding effects at the mixer stage and maybe even recording loops at the mixer stage.

if anyone has any experience using such a setup (ruso!) i#d love to hear about it. i can pick up an esx1 new for 447 euros, but maybe i would do better to get an old akai rack and use the rm1x to trigger it. i dunno.

any suggestions kids?

ps, again, nice forum :thumbs:
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Re: new hardware quandry

Postby novatron on Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:12 am

the concensus over on LIVE PA .org reguarding the RMX1, seems to be, that it's a great sequencer but, shite on the sounds. yes it would work great for triggering an akai.

if you end up getting an ESX, you probably end up ditching the yama.

i highly recommend using a mixer, especially when taking advantage of effects sends, as it will open up huge new avenues of expression.

i personally use 2 kaoss pads, one (kp2) on the efx sends on my mixer (rane empath dj mixer)and a KP3 on my master out. it's an amazingly fun, versatile and very expressive setup.
you can see a picture of my rig, the TRONbox, if you click my signature....
(not the most current photo as i have replaced one kp2 with an sp404. my future set up will swap the remaining kp2 for another kp3 and adding a koassillator :gunz: )

one of the major advantages of this type of setup is easy, smooth, tight transitions. that's one of the biggest complaints i hear about live PAs, weak transitions.
one method i like to use is hpf/distortion on the sends, filtering my current pattern, maybe soloing out the bassline, and then dropping in the beat (unfiltered)from another channel/ machine.
the grain delays on the kp3 engine are great for transitions too and also work very well for tempo changes.

anyways, everything you're wanting to do could be accomplished with the kaoss mixer.

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Re: new hardware quandry

Postby Tarekith on Wed Jun 11, 2008 6:22 am

I'd recommend a DJ mixer too, maybe something with efx and an additional effect send. I have a Xone62 I love, great sounding mixer, built in filters, and a very flexible efx send that I plan on eventually adding a KP3 to. Right now my sends feed the RAM machines in my Machinedrum, which is pretty fun too :)
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