MC 303 Display broken

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MC 303 Display broken

Postby zorn on Tue May 27, 2014 1:51 pm

Hi again!

I bought a really, really cheap MC 303 with dead Displays. About 35 Euros, and its pretty fucked up.

I know the fix for the MC 505 with the heating iron, but i dont know if this will work for the 303.

Are the displays just plugged on the board or are they connected with a wire or a strip like the big 505 display?

Are the small 505 displays the SAME TYPE of display than the 303 Displays?
Because you can buy the small 505s from the internet, and when they are the same, BINGO!

Also need to repair 3 Pattern switches. Does anyone have some laying around, or have tips for me how to change them etc?


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